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Nokian eLine2 class AA summer tyre

Nokian eLine 2 AA-Klasse Sommerreifen – fortschrittliche Sicherheit und grünere Mobilität

The new AA-rated Nokian eLine 2 summer tyre ensures the best possible class A in the EU tyre label’s wet grip and fuel efficiency categories. The premium summer tyre from Nokian Tyres, the world’s northernmost tyre manufacturer, offersreliable top performance under all weather conditions. On the road, this can mean a braking distance that is up to 18 metres shorter on wet roads and fuel consumption that is 0.6 l/100 km lower.

The precise driving feel and optimal comfort can be felt and seen from the first moments of spring until late autumn. A unique innovation, Nokian TyresCoanda Technology, guides and accelerates the removal of water from between the tyre and the road, thus effectively preventing aquaplaning. The next-generation Driving Safety Indicator improves safety.

The Nokian eLine 2 summer tyre utilises the most modern technology in the industry. It was developed for Central European drivers who want to enjoy a safer, greener future today. The growing size selection has a total of 5 state-of-the-art products in sizes of 15” and 16” that suit medium-sized cars. The speed ratings are H (210 km/h) and W (270 km/h). The new premium product will be available to consumers in the spring of 2016.

As multiple test winner, the inventor of the winter tyre, world record holder and innovation leader Nokian Tyres from Finland offers the safest tyres.

Shorter braking distance, lower fuel consumption

Nokian Tyres is known for its high-quality, safe and eco-friendly products that are carefully tailored for different demanding purposes. The excellent test success of the summer tyres from the world’s northernmost tyre manufacturer is the result of relentless, long-term development. Over half of the product development resources are spent on testing products.

As a result of nearly four years of development and extensive field testing in Germany, Finlandand Spain, the Nokian eLine 2 premium summer tyre has commendable safety and handling characteristics. The tyre’s wet grip and fuel efficiency classification, according to the EU tyre label, are among the best in the industry, in class A.

On a wet road, the braking distance of the new Nokian eLine 2 from a speed of 80 km/h is up to 18 metres, or four car lengths, shorter than that of a weak summer tyre. (Difference between classes A and F in the EU tyre label). For drivers who favour green values and extremely low fuel consumption, the Nokian eLine 2 offers savings of up to 0.6 litres per 100 km (difference between classes A and G).

“Combining absolutely reliable safety characteristics and the green values favoured by the consumers in the same tyre is the largest challenge for tyre manufacturers. The balanced nature of the Nokian eLine 2 is made possible by the new, eco-friendly structural and material solutions. Precise handling under extreme conditions is combined with lightly rolling driving comfort,” Product DevelopmentManager JarnoAhvenlammi from Nokian Tyres summarises.

Advanced structure and tread pattern solutions

The Nokian eLine 2 masters all the forms of summer. It is built around sustainable safety and eco-friendly driving, both of which are supported by the structure, tread pattern and rubber compound solutions from the master of extreme conditions. The same advanced technology will also be utilised in Nokian Tyres’ other summer tyres in the future.

The unique characteristics of this stylish new introduction were fine-tuned using several innovations that promote safe and comfortable driving and a tailored rubber compound.

The molecular chains of the next-generation functional Nokian eLine 2 Silica tread compound bond with the silica particles to form a strong but flexible combination. The rubber compound is exemplary across a wide temperature range and it improves wet grip and reduces rolling resistance, thereby essentially reducing fuel consumption and lowering hazardous emissions.

Effectively prevents aquaplaning – Nokian Tyres Coanda Technology

The real safety characteristics and resources of a summer tyre are measured in centimetres and seconds on a wet road. The precise steering and excellent grip of the Nokian eLine 2 during lane changes and evasions provide additional peace of mind for drivers.

The Nokian Tyres Coanda Technology accelerates the removal of water from the longitudinal groove and effectively prevents aquaplaning. The curved, ramp-like design of the tread blocks on the inner shoulder guides and accelerates the flow of water from the longitudinal groove into the transverse groove. The Coanda effect denotes the tendency of flow to turn towards a nearby surface. The Coanda effect is also utilised to improve the aerodynamics of aeroplane wings and Formula 1 cars.

The Trumpet Grooves on the shoulder areas also store water and accelerate its removal from the transverse grooves; this ensures double efficiency against aquaplaning. The excellent aquaplaning prevention properties are retained even as the tyre wears down.

Maximising comfort – Silent Sidewall Technology

The Silent Sidewall Technology maximises driving comfort. The tailored special rubber compound between the sidewall and tread actively filters the sound and steel belt package vibration originating from the driving surface, preventing the passage of harmful sound waves through the sidewall into the rim and further into the passenger compartment. This innovation significantly reduces the noise level inside the vehicle.

The familiar Silent Groove Design innovation is also used to control the interior and exterior noise of the vehicle. The semi-circular indentations on the longitudinal ribs also reduce air resistance, which results in lower fuel consumption and increases the range of the vehicle.

Simple safety – Next-generation Driving Safety Indicator

Tyres that are in good condition can substantially reduce the risk of aquaplaning. In order to allow drivers to better monitor the tread depth of their tyres, Nokian Tyres developed an ingenious innovation that improves safety: the Driving Safety Indicator and the aquaplaning indicator.

The next-generation Driving Safety Indicator on the centre rib indicates tread depth. You can check the amount of remaining tread in millimetres by examining the row of numbers on the tread. The numbers and water drop symbol indicating a risk of aquaplaning disappear, as the tyre wears down. When the tread depth is below 4 mm, a red stripe that indicates low tread depth will appear around the tyre. When this happens, please purchase new summer tyres in order to ensure maximum safety.

Northproof by Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres is the only tyre manufacturer in the world that focuses on products and services that facilitate safe transportation in northern conditions. The company’s innovative passenger car, truck and heavy duty machinery tyres are mainly marketed in areas that have snow, forest and changing seasons that make driving conditions demanding.

Nokian Tyres’ state-of-the-art product development is based on know-how from over 80 years in the business, determined testing, and a continuous search for better solutions. The company developed and manufactured the world’s first winter tyre for the winter frost in 1934. Summer tyre production begun already two years earlier in 1932. In the autumn of 2015 Nokian Tyres offered European drivers the world’s first winter tyre that achieved the best possible class A in wet grip and fuel efficiency of the EU tyre label.

The new Nokian eLine 2 – Ultimate green safety

Ultimate control on wet road
Unique green motoring, fuel savings of up to 0.6 litres per 100 km
Premium driving comfort at any speed

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